Our Mission

Here at Mamfa Medical and Pharmaceutical Services, our goal is to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery by engaging in the provision of a wide range of medical support services. This includes sourcing/manufacturing and delivering medical supplies in addition to offering a consultancy service spanning the entire value chain of healthcare delivery.

Through our knowledge, professionalism and dedication to our clients we hope to make a positive and lasting impact on the healthcare industry in Africa, with a particular focus on Nigeria.

Mamfa Medical And Pharmaceutical Services Limited

Taking the lead in providing support services for quality healthcare delivery

MAMFA is an integrated health support company. We are engaged in providing a medical supply and consultancy service for quality healthcare delivery in the developing world, especially in Africa.                       
Map of west African and Nigeria with a Stethoscope on top

What can we do for you? We offer;

  • Supplies of Medical Equipment and Consumables, including ambulances
  • Arrangements for medical care within the UK, including logistics
  • Medical Consultancy
  • Human resource development within the healthcare sector
  • Supply of trained health personnel to provide expert care locally
  • Hospital administration
  • Occupational Healthcare, including HSE-MS
For further information on the quality services offered by Mamfa Medical, please see the Services We Provide page.